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Who we have helped

Read some of the stories of individuals and RAF families we have supported over the years.

  • Temperance Davies
    Temperance Davies

    RAF widow Temperance Davies can now live in comfort, in her home of more than 70 years, thanks to help from the RAF Benevolent Fund.

  • Pat Macmillan
    Pat Macmillan

    For RAF widow Pat Macmillan, the RAF Benevolent Fund's help is the difference between enjoying her retirement or constantly worrying.

  • Kath Long
    Kath Long

    Kath Long from Sheffield joined the WAAF in 1941 and served as a Teleprinter Operator until she started a family and left the Service in 1944. Kath’s husband, Eric, also served in the RAF as a Wireless Operator and was based for part of his career in Egypt.

  • Thelma Berry
    Thelma Berry MBE

    Thelma Berry joined the WRAF in 1951 and served as a Radar Operator until her marriage in 1953. Thelma had a difficult childhood, losing her mother at the age of three and then being evacuated from Brighton to Halifax at the start of World War II when she was only four years old.

  • Annie Devine
    Annie Devine

    Annie Devine was just 24 when a debilitating condition left her paralysed and confined to a wheelchair. The former SAC Tech had always wanted to join the RAF – her mother was a Caterer in the RAF, her father a camera fitter and her grandfather, grandmother and uncle also served.

  • Stuart Robinson
    Stuart Robinson

    When Corporal Stuart Robinson was seriously injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2013, he knew the road to recovery would be a tough one.

  • Kevin Ogilvie
    Kevin Ogilvie

    When Senior Aircraftman Kevin Ogilvie was seriously injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, he knew the road to recovery would be a tough one.

  • Luke Wigman
    Luke Wigman

    Former SAC Luke Wigman hadn't thought about a life beyond Service until he was seriously injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2011.

  • Mick McConnell
    Mick McConnell

    For RAF Police dog handler Corporal Mick McConnell a simple walk on the beach with his dog Memphis brings new pleasure, and support from the RAF Benevolent Fund is helping him rebuild his life.

  • Mike Goody
    Michael Goody

    Senior Aircraftman Michael Goody was on patrol with the RAF Regiment in Afghanistan in October 2008, when they were hit by an improvised explosive device, or IED. He was trapped under his vehicle for three hours and suffered a composite fracture of his left ankle.

  • The Bailey family
    The Bailey family

    Sergeant Shaun Bailey joined the RAF in 1990, being stationed in Northern Ireland and Iraq before going on to serve at RAF Cosford in an education role.

  • Ryan Moorhouse
    Ryan Moorhouse

    Ryan Moorhouse served in the RAF Regiment between 2003 and 2009. He was medically discharged after being seriously injured by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. The RAF Benevolent Fund was there for Ryan and his family in their hour of need.

  • Jacqui Thompson
    Jacqui Thompson

    Jacqui Thompson's husband, Gary, was killed in Afghanistan while serving with the RAF Regiment.

  • Nicholson Brothers
    The Nicholson brothers

    Adrian Nicholson's dad was killed in a Hercules crash in 2005. The RAF Benevolent Fund was there for Adrian and his brother in their time of need to make sure they didn’t lose their home and could continue their education. Adrian tells his story.

  • Whiteman family
    Stu and Sacha Whiteman

    Stuart and Sacha Whiteman and their children were enjoying their dream RAF posting to Cyprus when Sacha was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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